Struggling to find a frame? Here’s some ideas

Finding the correct size of frame can be problematic, and even though I’m working on a way to offer you hassle-free pre-framed prints in the future, I’ve put together a list of some simple frame ideas in the meantime.


Why finding frames is so hard

The primary reason why finding frames is so hard is because frame sizes and paper sizes are often not compatible. For A4 size (21 x 29.7cm) the closest size is sometimes 21 x 30cm frame. This size is good for A4 because it is only 3mm taller and the frame overlaps by at least 5-6mm. For A3 size (29.7 x 42cm) the closest sizes is often a 30 x 40 cm frame. This is problematic because the paper is 3mm narrower and 20mm taller than the frame. While the frame will overlap the 3mm deficit easily, you will be required to cut down the size of the print in order to fit it in. If the artwork is suitable (meaning you have 10mm of empty space on the top and bottom to cut away) this can be done easily and no one would ever know. If not, and you have to cut into the print and you cannot find a suitable A3 size frame such as the frames at, visiting your local framer is often the best option. This is also the best option if you would like your prints mounted behind the glass to keep condensation from damaging the print or want advice on which frame would fit best with the artwork and your home decor.


Magnetic frames

By far the easiest way to display your prints is with a magnetic wooden frame. In a few hassle free steps you can make your print look at home on any wall. With the help of local craftsman, Martin Clinton who runs Carraig Na Ron in Fanad Head, I have developed my own hanging magnetic frames and can offer you them in four colours; grey, purple, green and navy so that they complement my work.

The slats of timber clamp your print in place at the top and bottom without damage. The frames come with chord already attached, so all you need is a hammer and a nail, and of course a place to put them. This solution is perfect for A3 size prints that don’t need to be protected behind glass.


Ready-made frames

If you are in a hurry, and want to find suitable ready-made frames without mounts, I have some frames which I can recommend. Please note, I do not receive any financial incentives for the following products I endorse and Brexit may cause you difficulty when ordering frames from the UK. is a Swedish company that offers a wide range of frame colours. Crucially, they offer frames in A-sizes with real glass which takes the headache out of finding suitable frames. They deliver to Ireland in 3-8 business days.

 A4 (

A3 ( is another Swedish company offering a range of natural oak frames, which I love, as well as frames in other colours. They are quick to assemble, affordable, and look great. The only downside is that they use plexiglass and come in metric size frames (21 x 30cm and 30 x 40cm) rather than A sizes. They delivered my own order in 8 working days.

A4 (

30 x 40cm ( have really high quality frames which I used a lot of pre-Brexit. They have a deep-bevelled Trieste frame which people really admire and quick release clips to make framing your piece really easy. The frames are made in Italy but again, they only come in metric sizes.

 A4 (

A3 (


Clip Frames

Another inexpensive solution is a clip frame. These are sometimes available in homeware outlets and discount stores, but more widely available online. In a few easy steps, you can clip your print into place under real glass or plexiglass (depending on the quality and size) and use the holes in the back of the clips to hang them in the right spot.

For example, I found the following A4 and A3 sizes on which are compatible with my the sizes I offer:

A4 (

A3 (


Whatever style of frame you go for, I hope it looks well. If you need any more advice, please give me a shout.