Riso Print - Be Happy, Be Peaceful, Be Free

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These riso prints are inspired by the "Loving-Kindness" meditation, which offers well wishes to you and different people in your life.

Find a quiet spot where you feel relaxed. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath - Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Repeat the following phrases to yourself:

May I Be Happy. May I be Peaceful. May I be Free.

Feel the warmth and compassion for a few moments. Extend these feelings to people in your life and to everyone in the world. 

May You Be Happy. May You Be Peaceful. May You Be Free.

2 colour A3 riso print - Blue and Orange

Size: 297mm x 410mm

Printed on Recycled paper using soy-based eco friendly ink.

Unframed with signature stamp on bottom right corner.

1 print - €40 (includes Postage).

Special Offer when buying all 3 prints - €90 (includes Postage).