Free - Make Your Own 'Wee Toon'
Free - Make Your Own 'Wee Toon'

Free - Make Your Own 'Wee Toon'

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Make your own 'wee toon' by colouring in and cutting out the illustrated buildings, based on the heritage town of Ramelton in Co.Donegal. 

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1. Download & print onto A4 card or paper.

2. Colour in the buildings.

3. Cut around the dashed lines with scissors.

4. Make sure all the buildings are coloured and cut out neatly.  

5. Line up two buildings side by side.

6. Turn the buildings over. Line them up at the bottom and stick the sides of the buildings together one by one with tape.

7. Continue step 6. until all the buildings are taped together. Make a concertina, folding the buildings on top of each other, over and back.

8. Stand the buildings upright.

Congratulations, you have made your own ‘wee toon’!